Other Services

We believe that every patient deserves quality care especially when it
comes to specialty medications. Our team works hard to ensure that every patient receives the one-on-one attention they deserve which includes
helping with the high cost of specialty drugs and education about
individual drug administration (like self-injections) and potential side

Traditional Medication Dispensing

  • Next day delivery on special orders
  • Short wait times
  • Excellent customer service
  • Cost-savings with electronic manufacturer rebates and copay cards
  • Non-automated phone system—customers talk to a member of our staff every time they call

Medication Therapy Management (MTM)

  • Comprehensive Medication Review
  • Improves medication adherence
  • Decrease adverse events and drug-drug interactions
  • In office consultations (CPT 99605, 99606, and 99607)
  • Mirixa/Outcomes MTM—Medicare Part D

Annual Wellness Visits and Health Screenings

  • Annual Wellness Visits: Create a personalized health action plan that reviews past medical history, current medications, allergies, fall risk, memory and depression screenings, preventive health screenings, diet and nutrition, and social health
  • Health Screenings: Evaluate Blood Pressure, Glucose, Total Cholesterol, and Body Mass Index
    • CLIA-Waived Laboratory License
  • Other CLIA-Waived Lab Screenings:
    • Drug Urine Screens
    • Influenza/Strep Screenings
    • Pregnancy Tests

Disease State Management

  • Diabetes Management: Comprehensive Patient Education Program provided by dietitian and pharmacist
  • Medical Nutrition/Obesity Management: Dietitian managed via referral
  • Other programs that can be implemented: Hypertension, Hypercholesterolemia, Asthma/COPD, Heart Failure


  • Develop a protocol for patient vaccinations/travel immunizations and drug regimens
  • Provide Physician documentation of immunizations 
    • Influenza
    • Prevnar-13
    • Pneumovax-23
    • Tetanus
    • Diphtheria
    • Pertussis
    • Zostavax
    • Hepatitis B
    • Hepatitis A
    • Travel Vaccines


  • Hormone Therapy
  • Pain Management Topical Preparations
  • Conversion to Solution/Suspension Preparations

Pharmacogenomic Testing

  • GenoPATH™ provides a unique patient-centered solution for comprehensive medication management that improves the healthcare outcomes for patients on multiple medications
  • Usually reimbursed by Medicare and private insurers when ordered by a patient’s physician
  • Non-invasive cheek swab
  • Results sent to physician and pharmacy
  • Pharmacy reviews results with patient
  •  Targets for Pharmacogenomic Testing:
    • 55+ years with 2+ chronic medication conditions
    • Of any age taking 5+ or more medications
    • On a chronic beta blocker, SSRI or anti-arrhythmic therapy
    • Taking Effient, Brilinta or Plavix
    • On chronic coagulant therapy
    • Taking certain statin drugs or candidates for such drugs
    • On chronic pain medications and/or anti-depressants

Medication Synchronization/Refill Reminder

  • Allows patient to pick up all maintenance medications at one time
  • Improves adherence
  • PrescribeWellness®: Refill Reminder Program

Medication Flavoring

  • Flavor suspensions for improved compliance

Adherence/Bubble Packing

  • Nursing Homes/Assisted Living
  • Monthly medication card for each prescription

Home Health Care Supplies/Durable Medical Equipment

  • Propst Home Health Care—HME/DME supplier
  • Diabetic Supplies—test strips, lancets, meters, batteries, etc.
  • Respiratory Supplies—nebulizers, mask/tubing, nebulizer medications (pharmacy locations), etc.


  • QS1 Software® allows for e-prescribing of controlled and non-controlled substances
  • Pharmacy can send refill requests via e-prescribing software

Physician-Pharmacist Collaboration

We are open to developing programs/strategies to assist physician’s office and allow our pharmacists to engage in more clinical patient encounters.  Our goal is to provide a continuum of patient care that will facilitate the following:

  • Improve Adherence/Compliance
  • Improve Patient Outcomes and Improve Quality of Life
  • Provide Information and Support for Office Staff/Physician
  • Billing and Insurance Support
  • Improve Communication
  • Support for Patients and Family Members